Compostmodern 2016


Compostmodern connects designers, scientists, and thought leaders to delve into what is known and what is predicted for our future on this planet. The potential — and urgency — of radical creativity achieved through discovery, new thinking and collaboration has never been greater.

Since its founding in 2003, Compostmodern has been an internationally recognized forum inspiring and guiding designers to transform products, industries and lives through sustainable design. Compostmodern is organized by Rhonda Rubinstein and David Peters.

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2013 Compostmodern conference on Resiliency

AIGA San Francisco

This event is sold out

Tuesday March 8
6:00 – 8:30


Google Brand Studio

345 Spear Street, 7th floor
San Francisco

With Billy Sorrentino, WIRED Executive Creative Director, and members of the WIRED team.

How do you design the complex stories of our time for an attention-constrained audience? Climate change, space exploration, gene mutation, nanotechnology and just plain mad science. Join top Wired creatives and science editors as they reveal their behind-the-scenes wrangling of mind-bending ideas to develop stunning infographics and visual stories.

Conversation following the WIRED design presentation will be led by a director of Google Brand Studio.

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