In 2009 Compostmodern moved to the Herbst Theater to accommodate its growth. Single track programming and elevated production values provided a better experience for attendees and enabled high-quality video recording of speaker presentations. By virtue of sponsorship from Mohawk Papers, satellite events were held at AIGA chapters throughout the country. The 2009 event was produced by Gaby Brink and Phil Hamlett, and moderated by Joel Makower. 

Compostmodern: Convergence
February 21, 2009
Herbst Theater, San Francisco

Compostmodern 2009 Trailer

Speakers included:

John Beilenberg, founder of Project M

Allan Chochinov, Editor-in-Chief of Core 77

Dawn Danby, Autodesk

Eames Demetrios,  Kymaerica, talked about scale and looking at the world in a new way.

Pam Dorr, designer Hale Empowerment & Revitalization Organization (HERO), talked about helping people afford a home on $600-a-month income, and the empowerment it gives.

Michel Gelobter discussed the influence of carbon footprints on design and designing products without carbon offsets.

Saul Griffith, inventor of Makani Power, talked about policy and engineering influencing global climate change.

Joel Makower,  founder of Greenbiz.com, talked about his theory that we only have 5,000 days to change our lives and stop climate change.

Emily Pilloton, founder of Project H, talked about redesigning the Hipporoller.

Nathan Shedroff, sustainable design strategist

Gaby Brink and Phil Hamlett provide an overview of the event production at an AIGA leadership retreat.

Compostmodern 2009 creative development by Tomorrow Partners.