In 2016 Compostmodern transitioned from a large scale conference format to a smaller event series organized by Rhonda Rubinstein and David Peters.   Compostmodern events connect designers, scientists, and thought leaders to delve into what is known and what is predicted for our future on this planet.


Compostmodern: Think Even Bigger Jon Foley in conversation with Hugh Dubberly
January 21, 2016
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco 

Remember the galvanizing idea that design could save the world? For the first time in human history a single generation has the power to affect the future of civilization itself. The future of Earth is being determined by the decisions, actions and innovations we are making now. By thinking bigger we can better face the challenges and see the new opportunities ahead. Join two eminent figures from the fields of science and design as they frame — and reframe — the wondrous world of systems that surround us.

Dr. Jon Foley is a world-renown scientist whose work focuses on ecosystem science and sustainability. In 2014, he joined the California Academy of Sciences as Executive Director. Jon will give a concise state-of-nature report that includes an overview of the critical systems upon which we rely to survive.

Hugh Dubberly is a distinguished designer, planner and educator whose career includes senior roles at Apple and Netscape before founding Dubberly Design Office. Hugh will offer insights into systems thinking as an essential practice for addressing the truly wicked problems confronting us in the 21st century.


Compostmodern: What would WIRED do? with Billy Sorrentino, WIRED Executive Creative
March 8, 2016
Google Brand Studio, San Francisco

And then WIRED did it. Billy Sorrentino, David Moretti, and Adam Rogers explained the incredible design/editorial chemistry at WIRED. Moderated by Joe Stitzlein, and orchestrated by Katherine Walker, of Google Brand Studio. Kudos for an inspiring standing-room-only session on communicating science and future culture.


Compostmodern:  Connecting Dots, Drawing Conclusions
June 6, 2016

Google Brand Studio, San Francisco
In conjunction with SF Design Week

Meet three experts who are on the forefront of design innovation through data visualization. Every aspect of modern life – politics, health, economics, security, sports, and climate change – is being tracked and analyzed in real time. But how do these data get sorted, and how do we draw conclusions from them? Designers now have the opportunity to source data, identify patterns, and create profound data-rich experiences. Join Compostmodern at Google for an evening of design and science featuring:

Rachel Beth Egenhoefer (Associate Professor of Design at USF and editor of the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Design) on behavior change through data visualization.

Simon Rogers (Data Editor with Google News Lab and Director of the 2016 Data Journalism Awards) on uncovering news stories through data.

Ryan Wyatt  (Director of Morrison Planetarium and Science Visualization at the California Academy of Sciences) on creating immersive narratives with data visualizations.


Designing Innovation night at Social Innovation Week
November 15, 2016

Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, San Francisco
In conjunction with Social Innovation Week

Social Innovation Week San Francisco introduces new methods and concepts in five different sectors: Energy, Design, Food, Culture & the Environment.  SIWeek will celebrate organizations leading innovation in social and community good through a variety of workshops, exhibitions, lectures, film screenings and live activations.  Partnering with AIGA SF and Compostmodern, SIWeek encourages community involvement and aims to inspire the next generation of designers, engineers and creative leaders.

Presentations by Matt Ridenour, Cheryl Heller, Rachel Beth Egenhoefer, Vinod Rajasekaran, and Kathryn Jaller.